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How AI Is A Game Changer For Recruiting And Retention At Salesforce And Other Companies

11 Best Recruitment Chatbots in 2023 Although industry surveys suggest candidates feel positive about interacting with a chatbot, no one can really predict what a candidate’s reaction will be when they actually converse with one. A chatbot can make a best attempt based on its programming and the knowledge it’s gained from previous interactions or […]

The Best AI Chatbots for Amazing Customer Service

When things are divided into multiple categories, users find manual browsing to be relatively ineffective. Chat-based eCommerce lets your customers focus their search by simply chatting with the bot. An eCommerce chatbot can make browsing your catalogue easier on all your social media platforms.. Building customer support around an AI chatbot can cut operational costs […]

Generative AI vs Predictive AI vs. Machine Learning

Generative AI and Future GAN, GPT-3, DALL E 2, and whats next by Luhui Hu Towards AI With tools like ChatGPT, developers can test their codes, paste error prompts from development, and get an in-depth understanding of the error and possible solutions. Predictive AI plays a role in the early detection of financial fraud by […]

Medical chatbot using OpenAIs GPT-3 told a fake patient to kill themselves

Chattbotz Makes Done For You Website Chatbots to Automate Customer Service The market is driven by the increasing demand for accessible and convenient healthcare services, advancements in AI technology, and the need to optimize healthcare workflows. It caters to hospitals, clinics, telemedicine providers, and other healthcare organizations aiming to enhance patient engagement and improve healthcare […]

How to train your chatbot through prompt engineering

Now, to train and create an AI chatbot based on a custom knowledge base, we need to get an API key from OpenAI. The API key will allow you to use OpenAI’s model as the LLM to study your custom data and draw inferences. Currently, OpenAI is offering free API keys with $5 worth of free […]

Examples of Semantics: Meaning & Types

Semantic Analysis: Definition, Why Use It, and Best Tools in 2023 Semantic analysis techniques and tools allow automated text classification or tickets, freeing the concerned staff from mundane and repetitive tasks. In the larger context, this enables agents to focus on the prioritization of urgent matters and deal with them on an immediate basis. It […]