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Book Value: What Is It & How To Calculate

Content Book Value per Share (BVPS) A Time Machine for Investing? Sign Me Up What Is Book Value Per Share? AccountingTools What Book Value Means to Investors After subtracting that, the net book value or shareholders’ equity was about $74.67 billion for Walmart during the given period. A simple calculation dividing the company’s current stock […]

Classified Balance Sheet Template, Purpose, Classifications, Example

Content Intangible Assets Purpose of a Classified Balance Sheet What is the accounting equation? What Are Noncurrent Assets? Significance of PP&E What are the Advantages of the Balance Sheet? Explained Noncurrent assets are added to current assets, resulting in a “Total Assets” figure. Equipment is typically classified as a long-term asset on the balance sheet […]

What is a Control Account? Definition Meaning Example

Content control account definition More meanings of control account Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Control Accounts Disadvantages of Control Accounts control account Advantages of a Control Account What Are Accounting Controls? The ending balance in a control account should always match the ending total for its subsidiary ledger. If it doesn’t, then there could have […]

The ultimate guide to saving money by cutting cable

Content Amazon Prime Video ($7–15 per month $69–139 annually) Consolidate Your Debt and Lower Interest Rates Do a trial run before you cut the cord for good Don’t leave the tap running. Cancel Unnecessary or Unused Subscriptions Shop for a better deal. The Super Bowl, for example, lags 30 seconds to a minute behind cable. […]